With backgrounds in meteorology and oceanography, we started CoastWize because we just got tired of having to search through a long list of web sites, services, and apps just to figure out what was going to happen out on the water.

We're committed to bringing the best possible weather and oceanographic information to those work, play, and live on the water.  And to do that in a way that is immediately useful to users - no steep learning curve to master a complicated user interface or get caught up in picking and choosing between different data sources.

We launched our iOS Beta version in Summer 2016 through the Apple App Store.  Since then, we put it through its paces with a set of field testers and launched Version 1.0 in Spring 2017 to help you have a great summer boating season!  We continue to work to improve the product by adding new and better data sources, as well as useful features and capabilities.

If you see a problem with the App or have something you want to see, please let us know!  We look forward to hearing how it works for you!

Best regards
The CoastWize Team
September 2018